We dream about a new generation of engaged European citizens.

A possible dream, because we believe that European citizens are made, not born. 

A meaningful dream, because we see that engaged citizens are the oxygen to resilient and vibrant democracies. 

But most of all, it is a necessary dream. Many young Europeans are unaware of the impact of European politics has on their daily lives or don’t feel their voice matters. And that whilst our problems and politics are getting more and more European. That’s why Europe needs new, exciting and vibrant dreams. Dreams like ours. 

The next generation of European citizens is civically engaged, culturally active and embodies democratic values.  

Because democracy is culture.


DE/MO therefore works to promote democracy and culture by empowering European citizens and creating impactful productions. It stipulates a vision of democratic, just, participatory politics in which all voices are heard. It uses culture to create new imaginaries, bring people together and inspire people to act.


Concretely, we create culturally engaging productions to unite this new generation and inspire them to act. We help them imagine new futures through stories, theatre shows, multimedia workshops, campaigns, podcasts, and events. In this way, DE/MO acts as a pan-European network by facilitating local democratic movement hubs where this generation can network, join and host workshops, and launch new projects.

Culture and imagination are vital to this mission. If you want to change the future, you must first be able to imagine a different one.  

Democracy is Culture.


Hannah Bakx


Gatool Katawazi


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