Democracy is Culture

Young Europeans launching cultural projects to build vibrant democracies
What we do

New Imaginaries

DE/MO uses culture to bring people together, inspire people to act and create new imaginaries on how to live together.

Building a movement

DE/MO empowers citizens across the European continent to speak up about the local and transnational challenges they face. We are a pan-European network that facilitates democratic movement hubs where people collaborate, network and launch new projects. 

“Europe is in need of a vibrant young generation.”

Karl, 32 (Northern Ireland)

“Democracy is culture. Songs, theater, movies, performances, podcast… all of this shapes our society.”

Angelos, 27 (Cyprus)

Drive change

We drive change by amplifying the voices of the next generation. 

All our initiatives and projects aim to increase civic engagement throughout Europe by creating culturally engaging productions. These productions give citizens the capabilities, tools and inspiration they need to shape their society.

What we do