Don’t let them kill us


A divided country united to overcome collective challenges.

“Don’t Let Them Kill Us” is a powerful call to action for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, urging a revival of the active resistance and unity that characterized the nation during the 1992-1995 war. This project highlights the stark contrast between the past activism against hate and the present-day climate of corruption, incompetence, and creeping authoritarianism. It serves as a stark reminder of the perils of apathy and the dire consequences of leaving the country’s fate in the hands of self-serving politicians. By evoking the spirit of past struggles, the campaign seeks to rekindle a sense of collective responsibility and empower citizens to stand up against the forces pushing their nation towards instability and financial ruin, echoing the message that inaction is no longer an option for a country at a critical crossroads.

In the “Don’t Let Them Kill Us” project, two compelling stories illustrate the complex nature of passivity in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the high costs of both action and inaction. The first story reveals the enduring mental health crisis stemming from the 1990s war, with many turning to alternative medicine for relief. This highlights the deep psychological scars left by the conflict and the community’s search for healing beyond conventional healthcare. The second story focuses on the threat of nuclear pollution in Bosnia’s rivers, particularly due to Croatia’s plans to store radioactive waste near the Una Nature Park. This poses a severe risk to the environment and the health of thousands, emphasizing the need for more robust action to protect these vital natural resources.

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Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date: May 2022
Partners: Are We Europe & European Parliament