(In)visible walls

"There’s more than two sides to Derry—and to Ireland."
Narig (27)

(In)visible walls

Working with a team of multi-media creatives and campaigners from both sides of the Irish border, the (In)visible walls projects provided a space for discussion and conversation, bringing into focus invisible walls to build a pluralistic, full-colour picture of a city that for too long has been represented in greyscale. The multimedia story combined video, text, photography, audio, illustration to shed light on some of the Untold Stories in Northern Ireland today. Check it out here!


The anti-sectarian Civil Rights movement of the late 1960s and 1970s was eclipsed by a season of violent and highly politicised conflict. Yet many of those struggles—for equality, the rights of migrants, LGBTQ+ issues, language, housing and civil rights—are ongoing. In a city which is so strongly defined by its walls—what are the physical and metaphorical walls that shape people’s experiences, and how do they connect back to that lost history of the civil rights movement?

Verbal Arts Centre Derry

Participants presented their final products and shed light on these issues, solutions and ideas on 29th of November in the Verbal Arts Center. Martina Anderson (former member of European Parliament, Sinn Fein) discussed the outcomes of the project and shed light on the politics of Ireland after Brexit and future cooperation with the European Union.

Unshadow Cyprus is part of the Untold Stories series. Untold Stories is a joint initiative of Are We Europe and DE/MO, which aims to amplify the voices and stories from people in countries that are not equally reported on or represented on the European stage. Untold Stories encompasses seven interdisciplinary workshops in seven European countries where young journalists and campaigners work together to produce a platform for local immersive multimedia stories and their ideas about our collective future. Untold Stories is co-funded by the European Parliament. 

More information about the project can be found on www.untold-stories.eu

Location: Londonderry
Date: November 2021

Partners: Are We Europe & European Parliament