Propaganda on tap


The fight against subsidised propaganda in Hungary.

Propaganda on Tap offers a stark insight into Hungary’s media manipulation and biased political campaigning around the April 2022 elections. Dominated by two major parties, Fidesz and United for Hungary, the media landscape was flooded with propaganda, painting opposition figures negatively while bolstering the ruling party’s image. This manipulation extended to government control over media funding and licensing, favouring pro-government outlets and stifling independent voices. The result was a significant decline in media plurality and freedom, with Hungary’s ranking in the World Press Freedom Index dropping dramatically. The project highlights the urgent need for media diversity to combat propaganda and ensure fair electoral processes, underscoring the challenges faced by young Hungarians striving to preserve independent journalism and democratic integrity in their country.

“Propaganda on Tap” employed several methods to counter media manipulation in Hungary. The project created a timeline from 2006 to 2021, illustrating the decline of media pluralism. It also collected personal stories through street interviews, transforming them into impactful audio narratives. Added to the campaign was the #propagalamb initiative, featuring a ‘100% propaganda’ sticker for public use. This tool, along with a dedicated Instagram page, enabled citizens to identify and call out propaganda, enhancing public awareness and participation in combating media distortion.

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Location: Hungary
Date: April 2022
Partners: Are We Europe & European Parliament