Unshadow Cyprus

"The island is overshadowed by the division. This constantly parralizes the publice debate."
Ramo (28)

Overshadowed Cyprus

In October 2021, 15 young journalists and campaigners from different communities in Cyprus came together to produce stories on the most pressing issues of their time. By the use of a Story Design Sprint Method, the team of local creatives & campaigners have produced a multimedia story and campaign on the issue of ‘hidden islanders’. The group concluded that the stories and identities of ‘hidden islanders’ are overshadowed by the division on the island. But Cyprus has more than two sides. It has many faces. The story can be viewed here.

Undshadow Cyprus

The goal of producing this multimedia story was to 1) get people from micro-communities  speak up and tell their stories about their communities, 2) encourage them to meet up and exchange memories, experiences and opinions on what it means to be Cypriot, 3) make sure the voices of their communities will be heard in the dialogue on the future of Cyprus. 

House for Cooperation

Participants presented their final products and shed light on these issues, solutions and ideas on the second of October in House For Cooperation. Together with MEP Niyazi Kizilyurek, they reflected on the findings story sprint week and discussed how the European Union may address them. Moreover, the Undshow Cyprus Campaign was launched. This social media campaign unshadows the stories of all the people and communities of Cyprus #unshadowcyprus. Check it out here.

Unshadow Cyprus is part of the Untold Stories series. Untold Stories is a joint initiative of Are We Europe and DE/MO, which aims to amplify the voices and stories from people in countries that are not equally reported on or represented on the European stage. Untold Stories encompasses seven interdisciplinary workshops in seven European countries where young journalists and campaigners work together to produce a platform for local immersive multimedia stories and their ideas about our collective future. Untold Stories is co-funded by the European Parliament. 

More information about the project can be found on www.untold-stories.eu

Location: Nicosia
Date: October 2021
Partners: Are We Europe & European Parliament